Gamers Ending Ost Fight on – Luce Twinkle Wink

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Gamers Ending Ost Fight on - Luce Twinkle Wink

Gamers Ending Ost
Title: Fight on
Artist: Luce Twinkle Wink

Gamers Ending Ost Lyrics (TV Size Romanji)
yume tte itazura da ne
kyoushitsu kara nozoku kimi no egao ga
nanika iikaketa no ni
sono shunkan me ga sameteta

kyou koso gaku tto kimete (I Know)
tsugi no suteppu ni ikanakya (Jump up)
na no ni ne doko fuku kaze (nande?)
kimi no taido marude madamada geemu suki na no ne
kyou mo… nankai?

seikai nante wakaranai kedo
omoitsuku mama susumun da
ikou Let’s go mugen ni kizutsuitemo
kakkou warui o kiwameta saki ni
jibun rashi sa no kakera Find Out! (Fight On!)
meisou mousou bousou tomarenai ya
tomaranakute ii ya rettou sei faitaa

Gamers Ending Ost Lyrics English Translation (TV Size)
Dreams are such a tease—
You’re smiling as you peek into my classroom.
It looked like you were about to say something,
But at that moment, my eyes opened.

Today I’ll gather my courage (I know)
Because I’ve gotta take the next step! (Jump up)
But you’re still acting totally aloof. (Why?)
Acting like that, it seems you’re still intent on playing games!
Yet another day… how many times have I tried?

I don’t know what the right answer is,
But I’ll follow my instincts going forward.
C’mon, let’s go! Even if we suffer unlimited damage.
Once we master being uncool,
We’ll find out a piece of who we are! (Fight on!)
Deep thoughts, delusions running wild… we can’t stop it now!
But we don’t have to stop! We’re low level fighters!

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